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Ritek AS is a mechanical workshop for service and maintenance of heavier vehicles and equipment. In our 20-years history, we have built our tradition and expertise within many fields of work, mainly aimed at large and heavy vehicles and equipment for the defense and the civilian market. In addition, we support surrounding industry with traditional industrial maintenance.


We will soon be 60 employees, with close to 50 solution-oriented mechanics with versatile experience and expertise in various fields. We are based at Rinnleiret in Levanger, and have a well-established quality system based on ISO/AQAP standards.





Our workshop at Rinnleiret has a long and proud history. However, as part of its restructuring in 2002, the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) decided to wind down its depot level workshop at Rinnleiret Teknisk Verksted (RITV). Several of the employees at RITV entered into negotiations with NDLO regarding the start-up of a new company on the flagacy from RITV. After a long period of negotiations and planning, Ritek AS was founded by seven former employees together with a regional investment company with experience from both restructuring and start-ups.

In the first years, Ritek AS carried out several mechanical assignments for the Norwegian Armed Forces, while at the same time establishing a position with several customers within the civil market. Ritek can look back at an eventful period, with both large and small projects and assignments ranging from the conversion of military combat vehicles to the service and maintenance of buses and trucks for the region's carriers.

Now, 20 years later, Ritek is well established and a recognized partner for heavier mechanical jobs. Through our past projects and good references we have established a position for the future  in line with our slogan; Your heavy duty partner.

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